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Konoba Astarea

Let us give you an example of a successfull ecvening out you could spend with your dearest friends in the rustical ambience of the fish restaurant - Konoba Astarea.

Fish menu: The perfect way to start your meal could be cod Istrian way or salted pilchards, of course, you can choose pulpo Adriatico, a delightful salad of tender octopus or crayfish. It is not unusual to find salmon as well. Here are some of hot starters such as different risottos: black with squids or white with sea food. You can also try our Scampi on buzara (cooked and falvoured with a lot of aromatic spices and white wine). The main course can vary from day to day as it depends on the day's catch but there are sea bass, dory, angler, conger, scorpionfish, sole just to name some and many others to come. Scorpionfish, angler and congers are usually prepared under čripnja /peka (on open fire, in cinders under an inverted bowl - round or oval oven proof liddle vessel placed on a hot, fire-clay stab), and all the others are prepared according to your wishes - grilled or under čripnja. All these delicacies should be accompanied by fine wine, so you can choose one from our extensive wine list. There is malvasia, chardonnay or pinot. All wines are purchased from the best Istrian wine cellars/producers such as Ortonero, Arman, Degrassi, Matošević and others.

Many of our guests can not wait to try our apple pie freshly baked under čripnja, so some order it immediately upon arrival. Different other cream cakes, pancakes filled with jam, chocolate, wallnut or ice-cream filling, fruit salads and sorbetoes are also part of our offer. Should you prefer to end your meal with a glass of wine, we recommend Kozlović's Muškat.

But this is not the end, for you still haven't tried the wast choice of our homemade grappas.

We hope that we have managed to give you at least some idea of how an evening out in the rustical ambience of the fish restaurant - Konoba Astarea may look like. This is just a sampling from our creatively prepared starters, classic family favourites and other healthful and tasty dishes.

Hoping to be able to offer to you and your friends our hospitality as soon as possible, we can only wish you: "Bon apetit!".


    Captain's čripnja

    Sea bass with potatoesand squid
       under peka

    Fiorentina or heifer steak

    Grilled scallops

    Ortonero wine cellar - Brtonigla